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Free WHS consults for Pty Ltd corporations.

My name is Daniel, with an emergency services, health and transport background I am experienced with high risk situations and am acutely aware of the worst outcomes for different sectors. In an office, a faulty electrical appliance may deliver an electric shock or a work may fall down the stairs. These are pretty rare and are not often fatal but that doesn't mean it is not necessary to prevent.

On a construction site you have machinery, noise, trucks, workers and tools that all pose a threat to safety. Any of these could lead to fatality. A worker raises an EWP near powerlines, a truck and dog starts tipping on loose soil, an excavator digs into a gas pipe. These are all examples of fatalities that happen regularly in Australia. 

Often people equate making WHS improvements to costing a fortune, the majority of breaches I find in workplaces can be fixed for less than a few hundred dollars. Things like poor signage, unlicensed high risk workers, non-existent electrical safety measures and poor record keeping are the most common breaches in Northern NSW industrial areas.

I offer free consults to Northern Rivers companies. This means me coming and having a look costs nothing. If breaches are found, they will be notified to you and you can have me come back to do a proper audit.

Interested in a consult?

There is no cost for a WHS consult if you are a Pty Ltd. I come in, have a look around and will let you know whether your systems seem great or need further review. Now if there are any major breaches of the WHS Act or some lacking processes, then costs will be incurred at a later date as we develop a plan for your business. 

If you have any questions, please send me an email.

Thank you, Daniel will now verify your company and be in touch.