Workplace Drug and Alcohol Testing has been a regulated service in Australia since the 90's. Yet there are still so many cowboys and tick and flick companies that will waste your money.

False positives or failing to ask probing questions of donors can cost you a fortune in unfair dismissal cases and even just in standing a worker down prior to lab results.

When choosing a supplier for workplace drug and alcohol, it is a lot like choosing any professional. Are they trained? How long have they been doing it? Have they done it in my sector?

I have been drug and alcohol testing since 2017 and in that time I have provided tested for;

  • Health Providers (Ambulance, Medical Centres and Allied health providers)

  • Schools (students and teachers)

  • Lawyers (law firm employees)

  • Construction sites

  • Transport companies (local couriers to interstate B doubles)

  • Security firms (mainly patrol guards and pub/club bouncers) - NSWPF SLED compliant.

Do I have to drug and alcohol test my staff?

Like any legal or WHS question that will be put to me, the answer is it depends. Some industries (like the security industry) require drug/alcohol policies but there is a general WHS duty that applies to all businesses.

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