Why have testing and tagging at your business?

Well, you have to by law. You are risking high fines not having things tested and tagged at regular intervals. For sole traders, you are looking at $4,400 per incident/offence. For companies you are looking at $23,100 per incident/offence.

Can anyone test and tag?

No. They must be an electrician, qualified Test and Tag person or otherwise be deemed a 'competent person' by the standard.

I don't have time to have unplug everything in the middle of the workday.

No longer an excuse. I offer before and after hours service. If you want a test at 0400 in the morning or 1800 at night, I can do it.


Obviously this depends on the quantity and location. Please get in touch for an exact quote.

Advantages of using NRWHS

Experience in a variety of testing. I don't just do office testing and consider myself an expert. I have tested everything from electric heaters in an office to power tools to Scissor Lifts and Booms.

Sensitive/Restricted area Access. I currently have an ASIC (Aviation Security ID Card) for all airports between Brisbane and Sydney. Not only does this mean I can come to any airport based businesses but you can rest assured I undergo thorough national background checks every 2 years and am cleared to enter restricted/sensitive areas.

Inductions and licences. Working with Children Check, White Card, EWP, Forklift, Holcim Induction, Boral Induction, Standard 11 and Coal Mine Experience just to name a few tickets. I am compliant with any sites PPE requirements.

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